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Nebraska Dude Ranches

Moose Head Ranch - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Be amazed by the vast rolling hills and woodlands on working cattle ranches in Nebraska. Discover where the West begins in the Great Plains. Enjoy a ranch-hand experience of driving cattle, mending fence and helping real-life cowboys with daily ranch chores; or enjoy a leisurely horseback ride through the verdant prairie and wooded trails. Let the quiet surroundings and wide expanse of blue sky inspire you with breathtaking scenes. Known for its ranching and farming, Nebraska has a surprising number of lakes, rivers and reservoirs where guests relax and enjoy canoeing or fishing. Escape the daily grind to reconnect with nature in Nebraska’s beautiful and peaceful surroundings. See native wildlife in its natural environment. Marvel at spectacular sunsets in an array of beautiful colors at the close of each day. View the Milky Way, hear the coyotes and see a shooting star in the same instant.

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