Need help choosing a guest ranch vacation?

If you are short on time ~ or just overwhelmed by all the choices of a dude/guest ranch vacation ~ you’ve come to the right place.

Bob & Karen FosterWe’ve partnered with Bob & Karen Foster, who’ve been involved with the dude & guest ranching industry since 1960. Bob has also served as President of the Dude Ranchers’ Association and has personally visited over 80 ranches out West.

Bob has offered up his wealth of knowledge to the traveling public, to craft & curate a vacation catered to your specific needs.

To ensure a perfect recommendation, we’ve decided to make this service phone-based, in other words, you’ll schedule a time to speak with Bob. He’s not only knowledgeable, he’s a blast to speak with.

Note: there is a $40 fee, payable after the call; No Risk, 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

To begin, simply complete the form below, and after you submit, you can schedule a time. Good luck, and we wish you all the best in your dude ranch vacation experience!

  • SERVICE TYPE: Phone Call (Bob Foster will call you.)
  • CALL DURATION: 30 Minutes
  • COST: $40 – Flat Rate – Paid After Call (Credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal accepted)
    No risk. 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • GET STARTED: Submit Your Vacation Info Below:

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Understanding that dude ranch rates typically include 3-meals a day, lodging, and all activities.
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This a phone-call based service. You will coordinate a time to speak with Bob, or alternatively, Bob can call you.