Mexico Horseback Riding Guest Ranches

Mexican Guest Ranches offer horseback riding at Casa Sagrada, Rancho Esmeralda and Rancho Las Cascada.

Anytime of year you can experience a horseback riding vacation at our Mexican guest ranches. Great flight connections make our south of the border ranches really so close yet they guarantee visitors unique and unforgettable experiences.  Apart from great year round riding, these ranches also offer birdwatching, fishing & hiking. Horses are a way of life in Mexico - come live the adventure! 

Rancho Las Cascadas

Ursula Wipr├Ąchtiger
1.30 hrs from Mexiko City Airport
San Francisco Soyaniquilpan, Mexico 54280 (Mexico)
Horseback riding at Rancho Las Cascadas in Mexico
Beautiful lodging at Rancho Las Cascadas in Mexico
Amazing pool at Rancho Las Cascadas in Mexico
RANCHO LAS CASCADAS was built in a beautiful setting on high plains, surrounded by mountain tops, right in the very heart of Mexico at 7'500 ft above sea level. It's easy to get here. Most flights take you directly to Mexico City International Airport. We are 50 miles from there. Pick up will be arranged and in less than 2 hours you're at the ranch. Our guest houses and rooms are built of handcrafted stones. All the rooms are decorated in Mexican Country Style with lots of love to details.