Deer Forks Ranch

Douglas, WY

Deer Forks Ranch - Wyoming

Deer Forks Ranch is a working cattle and sheep ranch located in the uncrowded, relatively undiscovered part of Wyoming near Medicine Bow National Forest. Up to twelve guests at a time can share the relaxed lifestyle and unspoiled natural wide open spaces that Wyoming natives take for granted.

Animals, both domestic and wildlife, are comfortable here and provide plenty of observation and photo opportunities. The road to the ranch crosses the historic Oregon Trail where ruts are still visible. Winter wildlife tours can be arranged to view the large elk herd and other wildlife which is more visible then. Trout fishing is in two mountain streams and a privately stocked reservoir. Brow Spring by the ranch house was a favorite campground for Indians as evidenced by the artifacts which can occasionally be found.

The Cow Creek unit of Deer Forks Ranch is 85 miles from the home ranch. It is more isolated with rolling plains as far as the eye can see to the East. Cow Creek Buttes and Pinnacle Rocks border two sides. It is a favorite winter area of golden and bald eagles as well as various other wildlife species. Many of the cattle and riding activities happen there, Eighty percent of the world’s pronghorn antelope live within 300 miles of Douglas, WY and this ranch is home to many of them. Thunder Basin National Grassland is nearby with over 500,000 acres of public land to explore. Guests may bring their own horses. Ask about deer, antelope and predator hunting.


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