Thank you, David

GRNA brand

I wandered into this wonderful industry in 2009. Sorta intentionally – sortof by accident.

The domain had expired, and I was able to purchase it at auction with the intention of developing into a dude ranch vacation guide & directory. I followed through with that intention, and along the way, met David McCollough, who – at the time – operated (a competing site).

Peter Askew & David McColloughWe met at the Dude Ranchers’ Convention in Tucson, Arizona. Once we discovered our collective southern accents, though, the fact we were competitors quickly dissolved, and we became quick friends.

We’d collaborate on projects. Pool marketing dollars together. Brainstorm ideas on how to further serve the dude & guest ranch community. All the while, David operating, and me operating

Until 2023, when David gave the signal. He was ready to step back from operations. He gave me the opportunity to take the reigns & acquire the site. Which I ~ gratefully ~ did.

I then took some time to re-build. To re-think the site foundation, so its moorings are set for the next 10-20 years.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity. To serve the traveling public. To serve my guest ranch operators. To ensure this industry grows & thrives as our world becomes more digital.

Thank you, David.